Florian Meisenberg – Despite Ourselves
- Kate MacGarry in Residence at Art Since the Summer of ‘69

February 25 - March 19, 2011
Opening on Friday February 25 6 - 8 p.m.

Art Since the Summer of ’69 is proud to present Kate MacGarry Gallery in Residence at our gallery from February 25 to March 19. Kate will present one of the artists she represents, Florian Meisenberg. Florian makes paintings on canvas and on loose and patterned materials that he hangs over windows or like flags fastened to the wall with broomsticks. These are sometimes shown as part of an installation with videos and objects. This exhibition will showcase recent works made in New York in 2011.

" The landscapes, (are) often abstract perspectives in this case, invigorated by snail colonies or spermatozoa-like columns of symbols. Some of Florian’s still-life compositions originate from the "useless predictions for an amazing useless future" series. In their original context they are displayed as menacing arrangements of pictures and wigs, or as a collection of noses, eyes, beards and rows of teeth in laboratory flasks. It could be argued therefore, that these works provide a comprehensive allegory for destruction and recombination. And then, somewhere in between the pornographic sexualised nude, posing body, odd ducks...
Florian says he would rather disseminate than solidify - a beautiful strategy. It could be reminiscent of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters from the mid 1960s, a time when the acid-soaked counterculture was trying to avoid being understood by them. More than anything else, they were trying to avoid playing their games. The most successful manifestations of the prankster era, as well as those of the accompanying and rampantly expanding Hippie-culture, were able to repel the emergent claws of commercialization."

- An excerpt from an essay by Oliver Tepel, from Florian Mesisenberg's publication titled 'Turn Your Bedroom Life Into a Vulcano of Pleasure'.

Florian Meisenberg born 1980 in Berlin, graduated from Dusseldorf Academy in 2010, and is now living in New York. Recent exhibitions include 'Self-Consciousness' curated by Hilton Als and Peter Doig at Veneklasen Werner, Berlin 2010, 'The Artist as a Model of Change, The Artist as a Clown' at Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich, 2009, and 'Turn Your Bedroom Life Into a Vulcano of Pleasure' at the Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany 2008. In 2011 Florian Meisenberg will have solo exhibitions at Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Kate MacGarry, London.

Florian’s blog: http://howtobecomefriendwithafly.blogspot.com/

For more information and image requests, please contact us at kate(at)katemacgarry(dot)com or info(at)artsince69(dot)com.