Pigs and Dogs!

- A screening of short videos, including Sesame Street Fay Ray Segments by William Wegman, and more!

March 13 - 29, 2012
Opening on Tuesday March 13, 6 - 9 pm. (TOMORROW!)
Family Business
520 West 21 Street, New York, NY 10011

Curated by Ludwig von Truffel
Produced by Art Since the Summer of '69

Video invite here: http://youtu.be/89KGGDA6LD4

See you there!

FAMILY BUSINESS is a new exhibition space initiated by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni. Located in Chelsea, on 21st street and 10th avenue, FAMILY BUSINESS is a guest house – a place where friends, enemies, people we admire and respect are invited to present the works of artists they support and projects they believe in.

ART SINCE THE SUMMER OF '69 was literally the exact same size as Family Business - we're now a mobile gallery. Operated by Hanne Mugaas and Fabienne Stephan, we've produced legendary exhibitions such as The Bichon Frise in Art, and The Intern Show. www.artsince69.com

A big thank you to Electronic Arts Intermix, ww.eai.org, and the Keith Haring Foundation, http://www.haring.com/kh_foundation/ !